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This is a closed community for fans of jrock. The application process is simple, join and post in the closed membership post and your journal/userinfo will be glanced over and we will decide if you are accepted or not. Don't be afraid to apply, if you are a geniune fan of japanese music you will most likely be accepted. We won't be accepting fans of jpop or any other form of pop, sorry. Once you are accepted PLEASE keep all posts locked.

Advantages to being a member:
*Free graphics for use from the administrators that can only be found here(credit required).
*File uploads of rare and new j music files that will only be posted here.
*Top privaleges on soulseek file sharing from administrators.
*Coding assistance, translation assistance, Overviews of new and upcoming bands that you will find here first.
*Your domain listed on the layout, possible free hosting if needed from one of hideko's domains (includes an email to match, a ftp account, and unmetered bandwidth).

1)Be friendly and considerate to ALL members. It does not matter if you do not like someone outside this community, when you are here you will show respect to everyone.

2)Share your shit with people here, do not post your playlist if you do not intend to share everything you mention. Its really simple, if you don't want to share it don't bother showing off by listing it.

3)Be patient when posting a request! We are human and it we have lives, we will get to you as soon as physically possible.

4)Have fun, advertise, etc~!

5)New members...
Please make an introduction post with the following:
X)Favorite jmusic Bands/Solo artist (past and present)
X)anything extra about yourself you would like to add.

Look in memories for linking banners.

Admin Domains:

hideko- Honey Blade dot Net, Lithium Tears, Oh-Fuck-You,

Mija- Artistic-Convulsion, Honey Vanity

Your admin
pink_hide and malice_of_mija